Textbook Fair – Open Textbook, Open Smile

02 Sep

Textbook Fair is the Campaign starts from the student community at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Textbook Fair mainly focuses on Open Educational Resources (OERs) movement, aiming at “establishing Textbook Stations” to provide Open Textbooks and affordable textbooks across universities in Australia.

Open Textbook in this campaign refers to texts published online under an open license that allows free digital access, low-cost printing and customization by instructors.

The cause arises from the over-commercialisation of textbook publishers and tertiary education institutions, leading to higher and higher financial pressure of students for textbook purchase. Ridiculous priced textbooks eventually influence the learning outcomes of the students who cannot afford the textbooks, and increase the drop-out rate at universities.

It’s possible to make a difference if WE come together and HAVE OUR SAY for the ultimate and fair tertiary education!!!

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One response to “Textbook Fair – Open Textbook, Open Smile

  1. Studious

    October 9, 2012 at 12:41 am

    What a fantastic cause – the Studious project aims to provide high-tech innovation into collaborative study and student management and thus is deeply supportive of anything that supports students. Textbook prices have long been an issue for students around the world with constant, expensive revisions and versions that differ between borders for no apparent reason. It would be great to see more concern taken for the welfare and wallets of students who are only trying to further their education.


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