Moving Forward from E-Learning to M-Learning

12 Oct

After reading the title, most of you probably will ask what is M-Learning?! Here refers to Tablet-Learning, such as using Apple Ipad for learning purposes. With the exponentially increase in the follow-up products of tablet-PC from other big brands like Samsung, Sony etc. More and more educational organisations are seeing the trend of tablet-learning, and thinking of making a shift from E-learning to Tablet-learning. In the news article ‘Converting E-learning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions’ published yesterday, it said considering Tablet Learning as a form of M-learning, ‘there is often a degree of hesitation to make the switch, perhaps brought on by typical myths associated with Mobile Learning’. How difficult to make Tablet Leaning available? The news article refers to several approaches to e-content conversion for tablet-learnig:

1. Flash Course

For HTML output

 For Native Apps

2. Captivate Course

3. Articulate Course

You can click on the hyperlinked text with colour if you are interested in the detailed information of how to convert E-learning content into tablet-content.

Here, more importantly, is tablet learning really cost-effective considering the use of tablet devices? What are the challenges of making tablet devices available for every needy student? How to increase the compatibility of digitised learning material on tablet devices? Since not every student can afford a tablet device, or not every educational institution can manage the tablet-learning space, is the shift from E-learning to Tablet Learning limited by the affordability of students and affordances of educational institutions?




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2 responses to “Moving Forward from E-Learning to M-Learning

  1. Stuart Marsh

    October 13, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Check out sydney morning heralds recent article on ipads for students across adelaide schools – teachers believe that by incorporating technology into the classroom instead of punishing they create a better learning envrionment

    • textbookfair

      October 14, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      Thanks for that! I also found lots of news about Sydney schools encouraging Ipad-learning for HSC.And the news even claimed that ‘NO CHILD will live without an iPad by the year 2013’. But considering higher education, do you think it possible for university to provide Tablet-PC for tablet-learning in the future?


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