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Textbook Rebellion – From $120 To $20

LAW student, BUSINESS student, BIOLOGY student, ENGINEERING student… Have you ever complained about the ridiculously priced textbooks while looking for the proper textbooks with your mobile phone ready in front of a wall of used-textbooks-selling ads at university? Have the F-word ever been around your mind while the seller bring the textbook and you find out the textbook was an old edition? -Then you have to say sorry to the seller and start over the calling process again. Usually, the result is that you can’t find any used textbooks in the new edition that you want. Eventually you have to go to the bookstore and F*cking all the way to buy the new edition textbook in the original price.

What a F*ck! Unfair, Isn’t it?!!

Let’s have a look a short price list of the textbooks used by a friend of mine in one semester, majoring in commerce at University of Sydney —Co-op price:





IS Co-op trying to rob the students?

Hopefully, every cloud has a silver lining—

Advances in Open Textbook Publishing Technology

Advances in web technologies have made it possible to democratize the production of open, reusable, remixable textbooks without sacrificing quality. The panelists will actively demonstrate three advances made possible by new web technologies: 1. User-friendly authoring tools that make it easy to produce and adapt remixable open textbooks; 2. An innovative production pipeline that enables beautiful and engaging textbook content to be distributed seamlessly to any student on any device in many formats; 3. New interactive content visualizations that enable students to interact with their books, explore rich data sets without downloading specialized tools, and view beautiful figures in printed media without additional work. The panel will explore examples from Connexions, Siyavula, American Institute of Mathematics, Booktype, P2PU, Quadbase, and FullMarks.

Questions Answered

  1. How do you make creating, sharing, and remixing open textbooks easy, without sacrificing quality?
  2. How do you produce beautiful and engaging textbook content and distribute it to any student on any device in many formats?
  3. How will future textbooks engage students by taking advantage of new web technology and new connections between OER from many providers?

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